Onsite prices displayed and subsequently charged are all inclusive of Thai VAT and withholding taxes.

Tribalbeach.com also pays for any packing, handling charges, custom clearance fees and all export documentation charges incurred [required for EU] for all transactions made onsite.

Sorry to advise that we don't cover taxes in destination countries. These are the sole responsibility of customer.

For smaller orders of under $200-$250, are sent via EMS express courier, and tax is likely to be minimal if any. Final decision is up to local tax authorities in your country.

However, note that we separate product and courier charges so that you are less likely to incur any charges. Actual cost marked on invoice will often be less than half of the value you paid after courier and other charges are subtracted

For larger online orders, our preferred express courier FedEx, will clear your shipment through Customs and contact you for tax ID details if you are required to pay import duties.

Please note that 'offline' wholesale quotes include Thai-based taxes, but exclude freight, handling and packing charges. Wholesale customers are provided with proforma invoice detailing all charges separately.
Please contact us for more information, we are happy to provide any extra assistance

email : db@tribalbeach.com